• Tom Buchan

    Executive Chairman

    "What defines a persuasive leader from others is mastery of communication: crafting ideas, and delivering with impact. In over 25 years of advising chief executives on their positioning, I've found that the ones with the most influence are those who are open to advice and change."

  • Rebecca Wilson

    Chief Executive Officer

    "There is no blueprint for creating an effective communication strategy: it is a bespoke process that starts with understanding the commercial objectives, and then investing time to understand the cultural and business drivers. Only then can I create a program to navigate the clutter and support commercial imperatives; this is the challenge that ultimately motivates me. "

  • Gemma Hudson

    Managing Director, Head of Consumer & Technology

    "I firmly believe that the best results happen when you have a strong collaborative partnership with your clients and a relationship based on trust. I love what I do, so it isn’t hard to go the extra mile and deliver stellar outcomes."

  • Kyahn Williamson

    Head of Investor Communication

    "The first step in effective communication is to listen: What does my client want to achieve? What do its stakeholders need or want? It is armed with this understanding that we then design and implement strategies which deliver results."

  • Michelle Ryan, Head of Corporate

    Michelle Ryan

    Head of Corporate

    "Great communication can deliver transformational results – I am always looking for ways to create communication strategies that do just that. Whether it’s a thought leadership program or a creative campaign, being able to shift the dial to help clients achieve their business objectives is what drives me each day. "