Welcome to Brands in Motion, a new study from WE Buchan. The study uncovers a new metric of brand performance, debunking the value of brand positioning in place of brand motion.

It also reveals four new realities brands face in today’s business environment and a construct to help brands manage their motion relative to environmental forces pressuring them. All brands are in motion relative to the geography that they operate in, the industry they are a part of, and the stakeholders critical to their success. By measuring motion at all three of these levels, brands can harness the motion to create forward momentum.

What is your reality?

We have some bad news. Your brand has never had control over your environment. You are at the mercy of myriad factors that influence the environment you operate in, from regulation and economics, to competition, culture and more. With so much movement and change, it leaves your brand without control and renders brand positioning a static approach to a world in motion.

Worse still, while you’ve never really had control, now you have even less due to the rise of disruption.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there’s some good news because less control can actually mean greater opportunity. You only need to look as far as on-demand healthcare, autonomous driving and more to see how commercial enterprise and consumer-empowering market shifts create brand opportunity on a massive scale.

It all boils down to this: are you propelling your brand or is someone, or something, doing the propelling? Or is it both?

If your brand isn’t harnessing the motion that drives it, all the positioning in the world can’t save you. It’s time to find your momentum and get moving.

Discover how with our Brands in Motion study.

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