Exhibition brings poison to life

bioCSL, in partnership the University of Melbourne, engaged Buchan Consulting to leverage media opportunities for the launch of ‘Venom: Fear, Fascination and Discovery’ – an exhibition showcasing Australia’s long history of pioneering research into the bites and stings of venomous creatures. Buchan promoted the exhibition to the public via the media to help increase visitation and helped to raise awareness of bioCSL’s contribution to the development of antivenoms for Australian venomous creatures, and their commitment to supporting the Australian scientific community’s endeavours.

Media coverage for the Venom: Fear, Fascination and Discovery exhibition launch was strong, with blanket coverage across mainstream press, national online news outlets, radio, and broadcast TV, far exceeding our targeted media coverage metric. Further, tweets on the exhibition were reached by more than 278,000+ Twitter accounts. The campaign succeeded in increasing the number of visitors to the exhibition and obtained media attendance at the exhibition event.


  • Over 25 items of media coverage including AAP and Channel 10
  • 278,000+ accounts reached via Twitter
  • Increased number of visitors to the exhibition