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JAX Tyres wanted to raise consumer awareness of their service offering during the busy Christmas period, and needed an idea that would engage and educate Australians about the importance of car maintenance and safety before going on a road trip.

Insight & idea

Using the insight that Christmas is one of the busiest driving times of the year, WE Buchan proposed a safety campaign which focussed on one simple fact – many Australians no longer know how to perform basic car maintenance.

Solution & approach

We developed a car safety survey asking drivers if they could perform basic car maintenance – from changing tyres, oil and windscreen wipers to radiator fluid. The results were shocking; not only could 37 per cent of Australians not change a tyre, many didn’t know where their spare tyre was even located.

The survey also revealed many Australians had dangerous driving habits, including driving without their prescription glasses and speeding with children in the car.

Using this research, WE Buchan created an integrated campaign across traditional and social media to raise awareness of car safety and encourage drivers to get their vehicles checked before taking their holiday trips.

Impact & results


  • 63 pieces of media coverage reaching an estimated 9 million people.
  • With limited social media budget, the campaign reached an estimated 20,000 people across Facebook and Twitter, including nearly 500 engagements.
  • The JAX Tyres Facebook page grew its community by 2 per cent in a week – more than the entire previous month
  • On the day of the launch, Google search interest in “JAX Tyres” spiked by 212 per cent from the previous day

However, most importantly the campaign delivered a measurable impact on the business with JAX Tyres achieving its best performing December on record in terms of sales.


  • 63 pieces of media coverage
  • Nearly 500 engagements on Facebook and Twitter
  • Search interest on Google for "JAX Tyres" spiked by 212 per cent from previous day
  • JAX Tyres achieved its best performing December on record in terms of sales