• Novo Nordisk No Time To Weight ABC coverage


WE Buchan was engaged to tackle the stigmas associated with obesity as part of a market shaping campaign for global healthcare company Novo Nordisk.

The campaign set out to establish the clinical unmet need of obesity in Australia. Central to this was the need to drive debate around the importance of defining obesity as a disease by underlining the scientific drivers, targeted at the government, healthcare community and media.

WE Buchan worked with the client to develop a multi-phase campaign to drive debate and discussion on the issues associated with obesity through the government, healthcare community and media. To change perceptions that obesity is simply a result of personal choice and lifestyle, our campaign sought to reframe obesity as a complex “disease” that could benefit from medical treatment.

Stakeholder engagement

  • WE Buchan undertook a Narrative Network™ analysis of the obesity media landscape over a 12-month period which showed that key healthcare organisations linked to obesity, such as Obesity Australia, were also calling for an Australian consensus to have obesity recognised as a disease following the announcement of the American Medical Association policy.
  • WE Buchan then facilitated a formal partnership between Novo Nordisk and Obesity Australia (OA) to drive a shared positive obesity narrative.

Content creation

  • We worked with the client and OA to develop the creative and design to rebrand the report – ‘No Time to Weight’ and all associated Obesity Australia collateral. This easy to read document provided new evidence on obesity’s causes and benefits of medical treatment
  • To support the report, WE Buchan also conducted a national consumer survey on public perceptions, which highlighted a strong disconnect between the public’s perceptions of obesity and new evidence around its many causes and effective treatments.

Event management

  • To directly engage and educate politicians and national health leaders, the report and findings of the national survey were released at an Obesity Australia breakfast briefing at Parliament House on the last sitting day, 27 March 2014.
  • WE Buchan managed all event logistics including guest list, branded materials, agenda, run sheet, flights, transport and accommodation, all in compliance with Medicines Australia regulations.

Media engagement

  • To complement the Parliamentary launch of the report, WE Buchan also implemented a media awareness campaign about the report findings to drive discussion around the scientific drivers of obesity.
  • We leveraged strong relationships with health journalists and provided advance copies of the obesity reports to key media outlets.
  • We took a phased media approach which lead to top tier media releasing the story prior to the breakfast which stimulated wider media interest in the event.
  • Other media were invited to attend the breakfast to interview KOLs and gather visuals to use in stories.


  • 382 pieces of coverage in major outlets with an audience reach of +14,000,000 people
  • Key message analysis revealed 100% of media included a call to action to class obesity as a disease
  • The campaign also stimulated wide radio, TV and social media debate about the nature of obesity and new evidence of its many causes
  • The President of the AMA and Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton, both told the media they were willing to consider the reclassification of obesity as a disease