WE Buchan was engaged to increase Prushka CEO Roger Mendelson’s exposure as a credible economic spokesperson for the small business sector within the media and the broader public, whilst also increasing Prushka’s reputation with businesses.

Insight & ideas

In 2016, WE Buchan proposed the redevelopment of the Canary in the Coal Mine report, an Australia-wide SME survey of Prushka’s 55,000 clients, to gauge business financial trends including debt levels, business confidence and efficiency.


The Canary and the Coal Mine survey was designed to better understand SME debt levels, debt collection processes, business confidence and economic concern.


WE Buchan’s role included:

  • Development of survey questions
  • Distribution to Prushka’s database
  • Analysis of results
  • Development of report, media angles and other media materials
  • Media outreach



  • The June 2016 report achieved a total of 214 items of media coverage nation-wide with a potential reach of over 19 million
  • Overall share of voice of 87.3 per cent with all coverage positive
  • 135 national and regional radio coverage

“Working with the national and local media has been crucial to building our profile and has translated directly into increased work inflow and in particular, high-end work.”

Roger Mendelson, CEO - Pruskha