‘Purpose’ saves the day

‘Purpose’ much like ‘innovation’ has become a trend that every brand wants the world to know they’re about, yet the problem is that most brands admit they don’t have a strong sense of what their purpose actually is.

Giving back through our love of writing

Writing is a skill that we use each and every day here at WE Buchan. Writing has been a personal passion of mine since I was young, and what led me to a career in communication. That’s why I’m thrilled …

Why WE #LeadLikeAWoman

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the importance of gender equality in our personal lives and work places, as well as within complex societal expectations and governmental policies. It is an opportunity to reflect on the contribution of women before me, the achievements of my peers, and gaze to the future for the next generations.

The PR intern: New kid in the pod

I took a PR class in my undergrad but I was so not ready for what WE Buchan had planned for me: media releases, social listening, media pitches, coverage analysis, brand research, being an intern…even the terminology was new.