• Influence Ranking

    The Influence Ranking is a tool that allows businesses to learn which media and individuals exert the greatest influence on their brand.

    The tool helps companies to prioritise the media and individuals most likely to drive impact on a brand or campaign. Using 22 variables the ranking measures reach, amplification, engagement, content relevance and audience, and analyses which outlet and individuals exert the greatest influence on brand or topic.

    Targeting outlets and individuals that are highly influential to your specific audience/category will maximise the impact of communication campaigns.

  • Influencer Multiplier

    The Influence Multiplier is a tool which identifies and profiles the most valuable social media influencers that are contributing to the dialogue around a brand or topic.

    The influencer multiplier identifies the most influential segments within a target audience who are operating outside of mainstream channels e.g. bloggers and tweeters and helps organisations leverage their sway. Quantitative and qualitative assessments uncover brand enthusiasts and pinpoint key fans for engagement strategies. Identifying and connecting with these influencers is a powerful way to reach target audiences.

    These bloggers, Tweeters or industry experts are topic enthusiasts who have the ability to influence a dedicated, niche group of followers.

  • Narrative Network

    The Narrative Network paints a word picture of a brand’s storytelling landscape. Quantifying media narratives surrounding a brand, industry or issue enables organisations to identify the accuracy and impact of their brand message on the marketplace.

    The tool measures narratives in the mainstream and online media, using text mining and media mapping to distil thousands of articles into a one-page map for clear brand insights. The map gives a holistic picture of the narratives surrounding a brand, industry, or topic and highlights terms which are earning coverage, and shows competitor mentions and strength.

  • Ripple Effect

    The Ripple Effect is a measurement tool. It identifies social media outlets and influencers which have had the most impact on content sharing online, and gives a view of the impact of a campaign beyond traditional reach measures.

    The tool is designed to measure the sharing of content through social media channels, and evaluate content from a single PR campaign, such as a product launch or industry event. It pinpoints tweets, links and posts, and exposes how far content has travelled after a campaign ends, visualising  the information into a one-page map. This knowledge will help confirm online influencer targets, sharpen messages and optimise communication budgets for future campaigns.