Remy Le Fevre

Head of Consumer and Creative


I lead the growth and development of our consumer division and clients; connecting team member passions with the clients they love and guiding clients on how they can communicate authentically, with purpose.

Holding a dual role as Head of Consumer and Creative Director, I also work across all WE clients to ensure we’re producing the most engaging and innovative marketing communications work possible, but in a smart way that makes sense for the clients we work with – never ideas for ideas sake.

With a career spanning large network and mid-sized award winning agencies across EMEA and APAC, my client experience includes consumer and corporate solutions for the likes of P&G and Unilever to IKEA, HSBC and Bacardi.


I used to do what I do because I enjoyed the challenge of making something that people had little interest in, matter. Today, I love what we do because we can guide brands to have greater meaning and unite people in a polarised world; it’s not just about great products and services, it’s about benefitting people’s lives and the world around us in more meaningful ways.