Tom Buchan


What I do

After more than four decades in the industry, I’m called on to give objective, reasoned perspectives on any matter relating to communication. I also act as a sounding board to leadership on issues of policy, direction and governance. It’s an immensely rewarding role. Prior to founding WE Buchan over thirty years ago, I served as a policy adviser at both national and state levels, initially Canberra in the office of Prime Minister and Finance / Industry Ministers. I also have the honour of serving a Premier of Victoria as his principal speechwriter and adviser.

Why I do what I do

My late father provided inspiration for proving oneself professionally and getting involved in the community. He built his family business into one of Australia’s largest architectural practices with significant overseas projects and was a leader in civic, political and community affairs.His direct influence gave me the motivation to build my own successful enterprise while not losing sight of the importance (in his words) of ‘giving back to the community’.