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Meet Brands In Motion. Find your momentum.

Brands live in a world of constant motion. The realities of economics, culture, competition, crises, regulation – every little moment – affects how consumers see you. And the bad news? You don’t have control over any of it. So, in this changeable world, are you in control of propelling your brand, or is something else?  Or both? And what can you do about it?

WE Buchan, in partnership with YouGov, set out to understand this world of constant motion; to understand how a brand can harness this movement and navigate the complexities of disruption and dislocation, and ultimately, win consumers’ love.

Brands In Motion is the result of this study, a global study of how consumer perception is changing with time. This is its second year, and we surveyed more than 27,000 consumers and B2B decision makers about eight categories across eight global markets. What we found was a new set of realities, and new level of insights that show the relationship consumers have with brands is fluid, and changes over time. From here we’ve developed data-backed principles that brands can use to help them navigate through this always-changing world.

It’s time to find your momentum, and get moving.

For the 2018 results, download the report.

Australia Brands In Motion stat

Nearly 50% of Australians believe technology will either help do more things in less time or create greater sustainability

Social value

98% of Australians place responsibility on brands to use technology ethically while continuing to drive customer-centric innovation

Data fears

86% of Australians fear their personal data is not secure

Ethical tech

96% of consumers said if brands can’t use technology ethically, then governments should step in

Tech B2B and computing devices

Consumers around the globe are reserving their greatest love and appreciation for a smaller number of brands, and that they have strong convictions about sectors and brands

Health and Wellness

Prescription health is ascendent, despite 70% of Australians being afraid their medical records will be compromised

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